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Since inception The JAF Team has addressed and solved several minor and major issues that got identified in the Vasant Kunj area. While a majority of issues/complaints come to JAF directly, JAF also takes up larger issues suo moto. Most of the issues get resolved by writing to the respective government departments and following them up, others require face to face interactions with the affected people and the respective Administrative Departments and Political Representatives.

This front is there to address the bigger issues that require the affected people to hold meetings and find amicable permanent resolution of the problems, as and when they are identified. This front constantly adds pro-active team members who are residents of area and are in a position to use their unique skill set, experience, resources, contacts, network etc. to help with resolving these larger issues.

This front is very transparent, structured, well documented and above all ensures that every participant gets his/her/their due credit for any efforts made, regardless of the outcome.

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