VK CRIME ALERT: The Police needs your help to keep you safe and catch these criminals.

The Vasant Kunj Police has given us CCTV screen grabs of a gang of women who have done several thefts in Vasant Kunj in the last 1 year. Luckily a CCTV in Sector D, Pocket 6, captured two women of this gang while they were in the pocket. They have already done thefts worth over 80 Lacs in cash and jewellery.

As you can see from the screen grabs one of the woman is about 35-40 years of age and the other one is about 16-18 years old. Their modus operandi is they approach a house in the day time saying that they were informed by a guard/mali/worker that you are looking for a maid. Pointing at the younger woman the older one says that this is her daughter who has just come from the village and is looking for a job as a maid. They entice you by saying that they are willing to work for very less money. Then they will request you to take an interview of the younger one and even offer that the younger one can do the brooming/dusting/utensils now so that you can check her quality of work. Once you take the younger one to check out her work the older one in less than 10 minutes opens the cupboards / draws etc. and steals whatever she can. Once the older one is done, she will tell you that she got a call and needs to step out for a while. She will tell you that whenever the younger one is done you can let her go and that she herself will come in the evening to work out the money with you.

Please be alert if you see these women call the Police on 100 or Shri. Ved Prakash (Inspector) 8750870892 immediately. Please keep a safe distance from these people as they can be very dangerous if confronted.

Thank you for your help.

4 thoughts to “VK CRIME ALERT: The Police needs your help to keep you safe and catch these criminals.”

  1. First of all thanks for this initiative, I’ll surely inform whenever I found any suspicious activity.

  2. There were three chain snatching incidents in the last one month near the red light of D6, Vasant Kunj in the morning hours while people are doing their morning walk.The 2-3 persons come on the scooter or bike and after doing this run towards Mahipalpur.

  3. The traffic lights at B-10 T point near VK Police station has not been Working !!

  4. Thank you VK police, forwarding alert messages which will save people from severe loss of property , may lead to loss of life also.

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