Tougher online registration certificates for 2nd hand cars …

If you intend to sell your car to a used car dealer, from now on, you would also have to be present when the registration certificate is transferred to the new owner.

The transport department has made the transfer of RCs an online process, which would require the presence of both parties to sign transfer papers.

“In most cases, people would sign forms 28 and 30 to transfer RC and keep those with the dealers, who fill in details only upon finding a buyer. This is illegal,” said an official.

Rules say an RC has to be transferred within 30 days of the sale of a vehicle. But for a used car, it could be months. “With the process becoming online, the forms would be generated online and both the buyer and seller will have to be present to sign the document. This will ensure transparency and curb malpractices,” the official said.

A printout of the form would have to be signed by both and then deposited with other documents, including the original RC, address proof, pollution under control certificate and insurance papers.

“The documents can be sent to the RTO via speed post or deposited in designated drop boxes at the transport offices. There would also be designated counters for those who want to submit the documents by hand,” the official said.

After submitting the documents, applicants would have to visit the RTO only if there is any discrepancy. “The buyer will be intimated by SMS,” the official added.

“The responsibility of transferring the RC is with the original owner, and s/he should know who the vehicle is sold to. It doesn’t often happen when the vehicle is sold to a used car dealer,” the official, adding, “With the new system in place, owners should insist on delivering the vehicle only when the dealer finds a buyer.”


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Buying a used car? You won’t have to face the hassle of making endless rounds of the Regional Transport Office (RTO) for transferring the registration certificate (RC) in your name.

The Delhi government’s transport department is making the process of transferring the ownership of a vehicle online to not only ensure a hassle-free experience for applicants but also bring transparency in the exercise. The streamlining of the services is being made online in phases and in the first phase, RC transfer has been made online at four RTOs—Vasant Vihar, Janakpuri, Indraprastha Depot and Mall Road. A transport department official said by January 15, the process would be made online at all RTOs and their respective zones in Delhi.

Dept sends RCs to owners via Speed Post.

We are trying to make the process online for all RTOs in Delhi. There are some minor issues involved, which are being sorted out,” the official said.

“At present, applicants have to fill and submit forms at the RTO, along with required documents. In the new system, the forms can be filled and submitted online and supporting documents have to be scanned and uploaded online,” a transport department official said. The facility, however, is yet not accessible from smartphones as the mobile version of the department’s site is as yet unable to process online applications, the official said.

“This exercise will reduce the public interface of the transport department to a large extent and would also ensure transparency,” the official said.

Apart from making the process of transferring RC online, the transport department has also started sending registration certificates (RC) of vehicles to the house of the owner through Speed Post. The new process has been started for vehicles that have been registered post-October 1. The owners first receive an SMS on their phone, following which the RC is delivered to their residence.

This initiative is only part of the transport department’s endeavor to go online in a major way. The department has made trade certificates given to vehicle dealers online too, apart from renewal of licenses and permits. This would also mean less pressure on the transport authority offices. Every day about 45,000 to 50,000 people visit the zonal transport authority offices for various purposes. The government plans to reduce the public interface with transport department so that getting certificates or renewing licenses become a hassle-free process.


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