Know about your Electricity Supply in simple words!

Vasant Kunj falls in the area managed by BRPL (BSES Rajdhani Power Limited)

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Select a topic below that best defines the answers you are looking for:

  1. New Connection
    • How to apply for New Connection?
    • What is the procedure and condition required for obtaining 3-phase connection?
    • What is the cost of Application form?
    • What do I have to do after registration for a New Connection?
    • What is sanctioned load & how to calculate the load to be applied for?
    • Which category should I apply for?
    • What are the documents required?
    • What are the charges for getting new connection?
    • How much time it will take to get an electricity connection?
    • What is Demand Note?
    • What are the probable reasons for rejection of application?
    • What is ELCB?
    • Is it mandatory to apply through Electrical Contractor?
  2. Billing
    • How does the billing system work?
    • My two meters have been combined into one. How will it impact my bills?
    • The person who occupied my flat before me was using this premises for commercial purposes. I am using it as a residence. What is the procedure to convert a commercial bill to a residential tariff bill?
    • What is the frequency of billing of a customer – monthly / bi – monthly?
    • What should I do if I have a billing complaint?
    • What are the timings of the Cash Counters at the divisional offices?
    • If I am going outside for a holiday or for urgent work (for say 3-6 months ) then can I pay my bill in ‘Advance’?
    • If I am going outside for a holiday or for urgent work (for say 3-6 months ) then can I avail the ‘ Not In Use’ bill (minimum bills for specified load) facility till I come back?
    • My last Electricity Bill was Provisional. How can I get a reading based bill?
    • There is a spelling error in my name and address on my bill, how can I get it corrected?
    • I do not get my Electricity Bill at the same time as my neighbour. What should I do?
    • I have not received my electricity bill how can I get my copy?
    • I want to complain against theft of electricity / tampering of meter / corruption where I can file my complaint?
  3. Meter Reading – Not working or running fast
    • What is an Energy Meter?
    • How is the accuracy of a meter defined?
    • How are meters classified and what are the relevant technologies?
    • What are the various ratings of meter and how are they defined?
    • What is the effect of aging on energy consumption recording?
    • Meters accuracy are defined at reference conditions. However, in field voltage, Frequency and Temperature are different. What is the effect of the same?
    • What are the responsibilities of ISI license holder?
    • What is the Maximum Demand Indicator (MDI)? What is its significance for consumer?
    • What is the meaning of down loading of parameter?
    • What is the meaning of a MRI reading?
    • What is an AMR system?
    • What is EL LED? What does it signify if it glows?
    • What action should a consumer take if the EL- LED glows?
    • What is the significance of REV LED?
    • What action consumer should take if REV LED glows?
    • What is the role of “N cut” and what action consumer should take?
  4. Time-of-Day Metering (TOD)
    • What is TOD Tariff?
    • Who can avail this tariff?
    • What are the time zones and applicable tariff?
    • What are the benefits to the consumer?
  5. Topic is not covered above
    • What is the Meaning of terms Volts, Watts and Kilowatt Hours?
    • What is meant by the terms AC, DC and frequency?
    • What is meant by the term ‘Phases’?
    • What is ‘Earthing’, and how do safety switches work?
    • The advantages of Earthing.
    • Danger in an unearthed system.
    • Useful Electricity Tips.
  6. Public Awareness
    • How to Avail SMS Service
    • Consumer Rights and Obligations
    • Delhi electricity supply code & performance standards regulations 2007
    • Distribution and Retail Supply Electricity License
    • Know your meter
    • Multi Year Tariff
    • Redressal of Consumer Grievance Regulations 2003