VK CRIME ALERT: Suspect & Associates Caught …

21-08-2017: Photos & Videos: We would like to congratulate the Vasant Kunj Police on its recent success! The suspect in the CCTV footage was apprehended by the police within days, from the date the CCTV video was posted and circulated in Vasant Kunj.

Our SHO Shri. Gagan Bhaskar Ji has today disclosed the details of this criminal and his crimes.


PS V K North arrested a High Profile Burglar who operates in a Chevrolet Cruz and committed series of burglaries in the past 10 months.

Accused arrested is:

  • Siddharth Mehrotra
  • Age 27 yrs
  • S/o Ashok Mehrotra
  • R/o DP 92 Pitampura, Delhi.

‘He says I select only politicians, bureaucrats, and officers to Cruze my way’ says Top Day Burglar of South Delhi.

Modern and electronic strategy was used by the Police team to arrest the Top Burglar

The strategy adopted to catch this criminal was:

  1. First CCTV Footage was obtained from the area and analysed.
  2. Google search of high-profile burglar led to the first lead and gave his Profile and Photo.
  3. Dossier was obtained and studied
  4. Further details of involvement and Profile were compiled.
  5. Facebook Profile was searched and current photos with a vehicle were found
  6. A search of service record of the vehicle gave a mobile number of the owner of the vehicle who is a friend of accused.
  7. CDR of the owner of the car was obtained and its analysis gave the police a mobile number of accused.
  8. SDR and CDR of mobile of accused obtained and analysis gave details of the 35 times that he came to the Vasant Kunj area for burglary which was corroborated by FIRs.
  9. The phone was not in use from last few days but traced through CDR analysis and arrested after a careful raid.

He is previously involved in 11 cases of Delhi and UP. Further two of his associates are also arrested.

His associates:

Jitender Yadav

Age 29 Yrs

S/o Gariban Yadav

R/o Gali No 4, C/o Aman Near Udyog Nagar Metro,

Nangloi, New Delhi.

Working at Kucha Mahajani Chandni Chowk.


Anurag Singh

Age 24 Yrs.

S/o Arvind Pratap Singh

R/o Vill & P.o Hamjabad

P.S Jai Singhpur Distt. Sultanpur U.P.

Recoveries by the Police:

  1. Chevrolet Cruz DL 14 CC 1404 (Purchased from sale proceed of burglary articles.)
  2. Samsung TV 42 inch
  3. Del Laptop
  4. Sony Play Station
  5. VR Player
  6. Tissot Watch
  7. gold bangles
  8. Gold Chain
  9. House breaking instruments: Cheni Torch and Gloves
  10. Gold Jewellery
  11. Gold Chains
  12. 8 pair of earrings
  13. 4 Rings
  14. One Lakh Indonesia Rupiah
  15. 20 Nepali Rupee
  16. 200 U.S Dollar

Gagan Bhaskar

08-08-2017: The Vasant Kunj Police has given us CCTV footage of a suspect. According to the Police, this person is most likely behind several recent burglaries in B7, B10, C2 and many more areas.

Please show this video to as many people as you can and specially to the guards of your Pocket. Please be alert if you see this man call the Police on 100 or Vasant Kunj Police Station 01126892530, 01126139360, 01126123900, 01126139361 immediately. Please keep a safe distance from this person as he can be very dangerous if confronted.

Project – Safe & Secure

CCI Project – Safe & Secure Vasant Kunj takes off with a big bang.

This project started off on a very positive note. For the first time in its history, B8 & B9 combined their security. Plus both the pockets of Vasant Kunj decided not to take annual charges from the maids, drivers etc. as was being done over the years.

Taking on the task of Phase – I of the Safe & Secure project, B8 & B9 set up a joint Police Verification camp for maids drivers etc. All the expenses of the camp were borne by the RWAs.

The success of the Camp can be gauged by the fact that 418 forms were filled from the people working in 460 flats of B8 & B9 combined.

VK CRIME ALERT: The Police needs your help to keep you safe and catch these criminals.

The Vasant Kunj Police has given us CCTV screen grabs of a gang of women who have done several thefts in Vasant Kunj in the last 1 year. Luckily a CCTV in Sector D, Pocket 6, captured two women of this gang while they were in the pocket. They have already done thefts worth over 80 Lacs in cash and jewellery.

As you can see from the screen grabs one of the woman is about 35-40 years of age and the other one is about 16-18 years old. Their modus operandi is they approach a house in the day time saying that they were informed by a guard/mali/worker that you are looking for a maid. Pointing at the younger woman the older one says that this is her daughter who has just come from the village and is looking for a job as a maid. They entice you by saying that they are willing to work for very less money. Then they will request you to take an interview of the younger one and even offer that the younger one can do the brooming/dusting/utensils now so that you can check her quality of work. Once you take the younger one to check out her work the older one in less than 10 minutes opens the cupboards / draws etc. and steals whatever she can. Once the older one is done, she will tell you that she got a call and needs to step out for a while. She will tell you that whenever the younger one is done you can let her go and that she herself will come in the evening to work out the money with you.

Please be alert if you see these women call the Police on 100 or Shri. Ved Prakash (Inspector) 8750870892 immediately. Please keep a safe distance from these people as they can be very dangerous if confronted.

Thank you for your help.

Major FIRE: In Sector C, Pocket 2 …

Today a major fire broke out in Sector C, Pocket 2, Flat No. 2099 to 2103 got damaged. Luckily there was no loss of life. The reason was a short circuit in the Main Electricity Meter Box.

Photos are courtesy of Mrs. Sanju Shukhla of C2 and Mrs. Roop Sharma of C3.

Joint Action Front – JAF VK – Blog

Since inception The JAF Team has addressed and solved several minor and major issues that got identified in the Vasant Kunj area. While a majority of issues/complaints come to JAF directly, JAF also takes up larger issues suo moto. Most of the issues get resolved by writing to the respective government departments and following them up, others require face to face interactions with the affected people and the respective Administrative Departments and Political Representatives.

This front is there to address the bigger issues that require the affected people to hold meetings and find amicable permanent resolution of the problems, as and when they are identified. This front constantly adds pro-active team members who are residents of area and are in a position to use their unique skill set, experience, resources, contacts, network etc. to help with resolving these larger issues.

This front is very transparent, structured, well documented and above all ensures that every participant gets his/her/their due credit for any efforts made, regardless of the outcome.

Police Mitra’s appointed in Vasant Kunj

Delhi Police Commissioner Amulya Patnaik on 21st of February, 2017 pitched for the citizen’s participation for the effective crime prevention, saying just “patrolling” and “policing” were not enough.

He said that the residents can be the agents of change in the society. “In this complicated society, having variety of problems regarding law and order and crime, the role of the citizens is critical,” Patnaik said during the induction of 399 ‘Police Mitras’ for the South and the South-East districts of the city.

The citizens, who have good social record and are active in social welfare activities, have been selected by the Delhi Police as ‘Police Mitras’ after a detailed verification process. “It is a fact that police personnel cannot be present everywhere all the time. With the cooperation of residents and police, a residential colony can be made much safer,” he said.

Besides Mr. Yogesh Malhotra the General Secretary of Sector – B, Pocket 9 RWA, 5 other persons were also appointed as police mitra’s. You can connect with Mr. Yogesh Malhotra anytime:

  1. Call 9899891757, 9868271727, 01146063630
  2. Email:
  3. Facebook: www.facebook.com/delhipolicemitra

The Commissioner also encouraged the new entrants to pass crucial information about suspicious people in the locality, besides asking them to involve in crowd-control tasks during specific occasions and festivals.

LED Street Lights – 20-30% of them are not working

wind-and-solar-powered-lightThe initiative taken up by South Delhi Municipal Corporation (SDMC) to replace sodium streetlights with LED ones failed to make any impact as most of the streetlights were not working properly.

The South Corporation is now planning to tie up with BSES for maintenance of the streetlights, after the private agency, ESSL, roped in last year for the work, failed to do it efficiently.

Local councillors have been complaining about the issue for several months, but the corporation failed to take up the matter until now.

The project, which was kicked off last year for conservation of energy, aimed to convert 1.98 lakh streetlights into LED ones. Officials said that till date, around 1.85 lakh streetlights have been replaced, but most of them faced problems.

“Around 20-30 per cent of the streetlights are not working in my ward and despite complaining about it several times no action has been taken,” he added.

Sources said that due to wiring issues most of the lights could not take the load and resulted in poor lightning in many areas.

With the upcoming municipal polls, poorly-lit roads have become a major concern for most of the councillors.

“Even those streetlights that have been changed flicker due to poor quality. We are receiving many complaints. I recently went to inaugurate a high mast project and the streetlights were not working, it was very embarrassing.” said one of the councillors

Harjinder Saroha, RWA president of Vasant Kunj C-block, said the streetlights stop working frequently and residents are often confused whom to approach.

“Many elderly people in our area are afraid to go out for an evening walk, as the roads are poorly lit. We have complained to the agency several times about the streetlights that are not working, but no one paid any attention to our complaints,” said another RWA president

Standing committee chairman of SDMC Shailendra Singh said after receiving complaints, the corporation initiated talks with BSES to shift the maintenance of the streetlights, which may come into effect from August. Then, ESSL would only convert the sodium lights into LED ones.


Stray Animals – Proactive Action Required

Participate for Proactive Action on Stray Animals

As put forward by Dr. Papia Lahiri of Sector B, Pocket 10.

“You are aware of growing incidences of biting by stray animals especially dogs. In order to escape from heat, rain and cold, stray animals take refuge usually under stationary cars and stairs. They attack human beings when they perceive any challenge.

In most localities there are people who feed the strays on a regular basis. Some do this purely out of love and compassion for animals. Some are driven by superstitions. Whatever might be the reason, they are doing a noble job.

Problem arise when these animals tend to crowd around the feeding area and get into inter se territorial and food related conflicts and attack human beings on slightest provocation and even without any real provocation. Many of them become irritable by nature because of their indifferent health.

Perhaps, some of the animal Feeders do not appreciate the fact that feeding of a few morsels is not enough of a testimony of love for animals. They ought to note that animals, pet or stray, need regular procedure of vaccination, sterilization etc. Either the Feeder should organize such medical facilities, or seek assistance of a professional NGO and ensure that the animals are appropriately treated, so that no human life is at risk from their bites.

Animals like dog, cat, rat, monkey et al, a pet or a stray, through their bites may potentially transmit rabies infection to human beings as well as to other animals. Needless to say that rabies invariably kills that too very painfully.  There are preventives but no cure. On the subject, it is pertinent to note the observation of Hon’ble Supreme Court on a case dated April 05, 2016 which reads as: “Stray dogs cannot be allowed to go astray to puncture the life of human beings. The matter needs to be given serious consideration”

 On one hand, all the animals especially dogs and cats, pet or stray alike, which mingle with human population, should get vaccinated against rabies as per prescribed veterinary protocol so that they themselves are safe and in the event they bite others there is less chance of spread of rabies.

On the other, the human victim of animal bites must immediately (repeat immediately) rush for anti tetanus and anti-rabies medical schedule.  It is pertinent to note here that the treatment is better done at a hospital where the cold chain practices are strictly enforced. People ignorant of the gravity of the situation, go to quacks, swallow some medicine and be done with it; God forbid… Therefore, there is an urgent need for awareness generation among the victims.

In fact, the task of awareness generation ought to start with the animal feeders who fail to perceive holistically the consequences of what they are doing. It is essential to drive home the point that they ought not to endanger the life of their neighbours and passers-by. In the event of death/suffering of citizens due to non-vaccination of animals under their care, criminal action can be initiated against them. On the other hand, if they do not provide appropriate veterinary assistance to the animals they may be sued on the ground of “cruelty towards animals”.

Given the background, it is requested that the RWA may constitute a group:

  • To keep an eye on the health of the stray animals in the locality, and ensure that necessary vaccinations etc are given to them.
  • To keep the population of strays in check through sterilization.
  • To generate awareness among the animal feeders about their responsibilities, and the consequences of any lackadaisical / whimsical actions on their part.
  • To guide the unfortunate victims of animal bites about the course of actions they need to take

 The above is coming from an animal lover who has suffered from a rabid dog bite recently.  Hope you will consider the problem seriously and take proactive actions.”

We encourage all residents to leave their comments below. Let us join to resolving the issue. Do share this post with others.