Federation of RWA’s

The Federation of RWA’s of Vasant Kunj (Regd.)

Mr. Vinod Kumar Pant


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Elections held on the 12th of February, 2017.

Elected members are as below:

ChairmanVinod Kumar Pant9811101375
Secretary GeneralBhanu Bishnoi9811087551
TreasurerRuchir Swaroop9811047498
Jt. TreasurerMs. Meenakshi Rajnish9810328538
Vice Chairman - Sec. AP. P. Singh9871059565
Sector Secretary - Sec. ABhim Sen9711432760
Vice Chairman - Sec. BMs. Jyoti Chanana9711298878
Sector Secretary - Sec. B (2017-2018)B. S. Sharma9910631951
Sector Secretary - Sec. B (2018-2019)Neeraj Singhal9868224665
Vice Chairman - Sec. CHarjinder Saroha9810009566
Sector Secretary - Sec. CMs. Shailu Grover Verma9810439838
Vice Chairman - Sec. DRajesh Panwar9810619941
Sector Secretary - Sec. DMs. Sapna Sharma9810202321
Vice Chairman - Sec. EBharat Singh9811507011
Sector Secretary - Sec. EMukesh Verma9210473111

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Federation of RWAs Vasant Kunj is falling apart

05-06-2017: Today morning saw the shutting down of the Sector B coordination Group that was communicating on Whatsapp. This has left the Pockets of B 1 to B11 in limbo. This Group admin for this group was the Vice Chairman of Sector B Mrs. Jyoti Chanana. She chose to close the group without giving any prior notice, simply because JAF was debating with her on the issues directly related to her.

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