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Latest Boundaries of MCD

First and foremost we would like to inform you that the boundaries of Vasant Kunj MCD Wards have been redrawn as part of delimitation exercise. After the latest changes the boundaries are (see the map below):

06-08-2017: For your safety and the safety of your families. With the cooperation of our Health Inspector Shri. Devinder Ji we organised a photo session of all the employees of the MCD Mosquito Control Team. Please save these photo in a safe location and share it with everyone you know. These are the MCD Staff members who are the real employees of the department. Do not let anyone else enter your Pocket or House. I case of the slightest doubt feel free to call us or the police.

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What all does the MCD Department do?

As a resident of Vasant Kunj, there would be many questions in your mind about the relevance of MCD in your daily lives. The MCD department is responsible for the CLEANLINESS of entire Vasant Kunj. MCD is responsible for Pruning of Trees (upto a certain branch size) cleaning your Sector’s rain water drains, upkeep of your Sector’s Internal roads, maintenance of your Sector’s Parks etc. MCD’s tasks are divided into the following departments:

  1. Property Tax
    • Online Filing
    • Property Tax Notices
    • Link Your Property Tax Receipts
  2. Licenses
    • Factory Licenses
    • Health Trade Licenses
    • Veterinary Trade Licenses
    • General Trade
    • Hackney Carriage
    • Teh Bazari
    • Hawking
  3. Horticulture Department
    • Park Booking
    • Horticulture Schemes
  4. Community Service Department
    • Community Hall Booking
  5. Health
    • Public Health & Other Related Issues
    • Child Immunization
    • Registration of Birth & Death
    • Mother & Child Welfare
    • Dengue Awareness and Eradication
    • Yellow Fever Vaccination
    • Cremation Grounds
    • Disease Surveillance
  6. Hospital Services and Facilities
    • Blood Availability
    • Bed Availability

As you can see this department does a lot of things that each of us need to get done or need to see maintained well on a regular basis.

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