Real Life Heroes of Our Society

real life heroes

Rekha Vohra – a concerned resident of Sector D, Pocket 1, Vasant Kunj.


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Rekha Vohra, an Astrologer by profession, feeds and looks after 55 Stray Dogs in her vicinity, and has got them all sterilised. Despite all the violent objections made by some of the heartless people around her, she continues to do what she loves, because she knows her Rights.

Citizens who choose to feed stray animals are in fact performing a duty cast upon them by the Constitution of India – of showing compassion to all living creatures, and those who try to interfere with their effort or show aggression, can legally be held liable.

Orders upheld by Hon’ble High Court of Delhi mandate not only that those street dogs be fed, but that they be fed in order to confine them to the localities/areas that they belong to, and that those who feed and care for street dogs be protected (by the Delhi Police) against the Ire of ill-informed, ill-advised residents/administrators of their areas.

Prevention from Cruelty, unnecessary pain and suffering is a Right of each Animal, and the Duty of each Human, and by Feeding and Caring for animals around you, you do great service to humanity.

Mrs. Vohra is not attached to any NGO, and does this solely out of her own living, and sheer love for dogs.
You too, can create change. Be a Hero of the Society.