Tougher online registration certificates for 2nd hand cars …

If you intend to sell your car to a used car dealer, from now on, you would also have to be present when the registration certificate is transferred to the new owner.

The transport department has made the transfer of RCs an online process, which would require the presence of both parties to sign transfer papers.

“In most cases, people would sign forms 28 and 30 to transfer RC and keep those with the dealers, who fill in details only upon finding a buyer. This is illegal,” said an official.

Rules say an RC has to be transferred within 30 days of the sale of a vehicle. But for a used car, it could be months. “With the process becoming online, the forms would be generated online and both the buyer and seller will have to be present to sign the document. This will ensure transparency and curb malpractices,” the official said.

A printout of the form would have to be signed by both and then deposited with other documents, including the original RC, address proof, pollution under control certificate and insurance papers.

“The documents can be sent to the RTO via speed post or deposited in designated drop boxes at the transport offices. There would also be designated counters for those who want to submit the documents by hand,” the official said.

After submitting the documents, applicants would have to visit the RTO only if there is any discrepancy. “The buyer will be intimated by SMS,” the official added.

“The responsibility of transferring the RC is with the original owner, and s/he should know who the vehicle is sold to. It doesn’t often happen when the vehicle is sold to a used car dealer,” the official, adding, “With the new system in place, owners should insist on delivering the vehicle only when the dealer finds a buyer.”


Related News: Dec 22, 2017, 06:10 IST

Buying a used car? You won’t have to face the hassle of making endless rounds of the Regional Transport Office (RTO) for transferring the registration certificate (RC) in your name.

The Delhi government’s transport department is making the process of transferring the ownership of a vehicle online to not only ensure a hassle-free experience for applicants but also bring transparency in the exercise. The streamlining of the services is being made online in phases and in the first phase, RC transfer has been made online at four RTOs—Vasant Vihar, Janakpuri, Indraprastha Depot and Mall Road. A transport department official said by January 15, the process would be made online at all RTOs and their respective zones in Delhi.

Dept sends RCs to owners via Speed Post.

We are trying to make the process online for all RTOs in Delhi. There are some minor issues involved, which are being sorted out,” the official said.

“At present, applicants have to fill and submit forms at the RTO, along with required documents. In the new system, the forms can be filled and submitted online and supporting documents have to be scanned and uploaded online,” a transport department official said. The facility, however, is yet not accessible from smartphones as the mobile version of the department’s site is as yet unable to process online applications, the official said.

“This exercise will reduce the public interface of the transport department to a large extent and would also ensure transparency,” the official said.

Apart from making the process of transferring RC online, the transport department has also started sending registration certificates (RC) of vehicles to the house of the owner through Speed Post. The new process has been started for vehicles that have been registered post-October 1. The owners first receive an SMS on their phone, following which the RC is delivered to their residence.

This initiative is only part of the transport department’s endeavor to go online in a major way. The department has made trade certificates given to vehicle dealers online too, apart from renewal of licenses and permits. This would also mean less pressure on the transport authority offices. Every day about 45,000 to 50,000 people visit the zonal transport authority offices for various purposes. The government plans to reduce the public interface with transport department so that getting certificates or renewing licenses become a hassle-free process.


‘Khatara Gaadi’ – Mobile App by Delhi Government Coming Soon

Spotted a junk vehicle in your neighborhood wasting parking space? Now you can report it through a mobile application — ‘Khatara Gaadi’ — that will soon be launched by Delhi government.

The application will allow users to find out if a vehicle is over 15 years old in case of petrol vehicles and 10 years old in case of diesel ones, which are not allowed on Delhi’s roads. Users would need to type in the registration number of a vehicle in the app to get necessary details about the car. The app, which will be available on both Android and iOS platforms, won’t reveal the name or address of the owner.

The app can then be used to click a photograph of the vehicle, which will be sent directly to the control room of the transport department. The photos would be geo-tagged, which would help the department find the location of the vehicle.

Through this app, the department, in a joint drive with the municipal corporations, plans to target old and defunct vehicles that remained parked for years in residential areas or the roadside. “We are going to start the drive from south Delhi and later cover the whole city,” said an official. “There are thousands of such junk vehicles lying around in the city that are not fit to be driven but occupy premium parking space. We have come across many that don’t even have tyres and are supported by bricks,” he said. “Sometimes, people even buy junk vehicles just to occupy parking space. It’s time to remove them and make the valuable space available for functional vehicles,” he said.

Transport department also plans to rope in local resident’s welfare associations to identify such vehicles in their respective areas. “The government can’t carry out this exercise alone and we need the support of people,” the official said.


VK CRIME ALERT: Suspect & Associates Caught …

21-08-2017: Photos & Videos: We would like to congratulate the Vasant Kunj Police on its recent success! The suspect in the CCTV footage was apprehended by the police within days, from the date the CCTV video was posted and circulated in Vasant Kunj.

Our SHO Shri. Gagan Bhaskar Ji has today disclosed the details of this criminal and his crimes.


PS V K North arrested a High Profile Burglar who operates in a Chevrolet Cruz and committed series of burglaries in the past 10 months.

Accused arrested is:

  • Siddharth Mehrotra
  • Age 27 yrs
  • S/o Ashok Mehrotra
  • R/o DP 92 Pitampura, Delhi.

‘He says I select only politicians, bureaucrats, and officers to Cruze my way’ says Top Day Burglar of South Delhi.

Modern and electronic strategy was used by the Police team to arrest the Top Burglar

The strategy adopted to catch this criminal was:

  1. First CCTV Footage was obtained from the area and analysed.
  2. Google search of high-profile burglar led to the first lead and gave his Profile and Photo.
  3. Dossier was obtained and studied
  4. Further details of involvement and Profile were compiled.
  5. Facebook Profile was searched and current photos with a vehicle were found
  6. A search of service record of the vehicle gave a mobile number of the owner of the vehicle who is a friend of accused.
  7. CDR of the owner of the car was obtained and its analysis gave the police a mobile number of accused.
  8. SDR and CDR of mobile of accused obtained and analysis gave details of the 35 times that he came to the Vasant Kunj area for burglary which was corroborated by FIRs.
  9. The phone was not in use from last few days but traced through CDR analysis and arrested after a careful raid.

He is previously involved in 11 cases of Delhi and UP. Further two of his associates are also arrested.

His associates:

Jitender Yadav

Age 29 Yrs

S/o Gariban Yadav

R/o Gali No 4, C/o Aman Near Udyog Nagar Metro,

Nangloi, New Delhi.

Working at Kucha Mahajani Chandni Chowk.


Anurag Singh

Age 24 Yrs.

S/o Arvind Pratap Singh

R/o Vill & P.o Hamjabad

P.S Jai Singhpur Distt. Sultanpur U.P.

Recoveries by the Police:

  1. Chevrolet Cruz DL 14 CC 1404 (Purchased from sale proceed of burglary articles.)
  2. Samsung TV 42 inch
  3. Del Laptop
  4. Sony Play Station
  5. VR Player
  6. Tissot Watch
  7. gold bangles
  8. Gold Chain
  9. House breaking instruments: Cheni Torch and Gloves
  10. Gold Jewellery
  11. Gold Chains
  12. 8 pair of earrings
  13. 4 Rings
  14. One Lakh Indonesia Rupiah
  15. 20 Nepali Rupee
  16. 200 U.S Dollar

Gagan Bhaskar

08-08-2017: The Vasant Kunj Police has given us CCTV footage of a suspect. According to the Police, this person is most likely behind several recent burglaries in B7, B10, C2 and many more areas.

Please show this video to as many people as you can and specially to the guards of your Pocket. Please be alert if you see this man call the Police on 100 or Vasant Kunj Police Station 01126892530, 01126139360, 01126123900, 01126139361 immediately. Please keep a safe distance from this person as he can be very dangerous if confronted.

Poster Hatao campaign in Vasant Kunj

Col. Shivraj Kumar, founder of the Poster Hatao campaign today visited the Vasant Kunj area to intensify the drive in the area. Residents from across Vasant Kunj joined the drive and removed several posters from the streets.

Posters, Banners and Writings on the Wall are banned under the Delhi Prevention of Defacement of Property Act 2007. As per this Act, the offence is CRIMINAL and the Owner / Beneficiary is the offender. That means the Owner / Beneficiary of the Defacement can be arrested and brought to Police Station. Hence, recommend, please remove your Posters immediately. I also request all the citizens to help and remove the Posters from their areas.


Using posters/banners for the dissemination of information has been a normal practice from the time immemorial. Hence, it has become an accepted norm to put up posters/banners for advertisement of products/services/functions etc. Citizens are neither conscious of the fact that they are defacing a property by this act nor that this act has become illegal now.

There is a need to make the citizens aware of all aspects of this menace.

As per the Delhi Prevention of Defacement of Property Act, 2007, “Sticking of posters, banners, wall-writings on the properties in public view, is a violation of the provisions of Delhi Prevention of Defacement of Property Act, 2007 (which has come into force w.e.f. 01.03.2009) and is a cognizable offence.” The penalty under this act is up to Rs 50,000, or jail up to one year or both. There are more than a crore posters/banners all over Delhi. If removal of one poster/banner takes about 5 minutes, it requires approximately 1 lakh man days of 8 hours. Govt, as well as private agencies, do not have such resources.

But, if 1 crore residents of Delhi help to remove at least 1 poster each, Delhi shall be cleaned in 5 minutes.

This will also save a lot of paper and thus trees.

Following actions are suggested to eradicate this menace:


Please motivate and involve your plumbers, electricians, carpenters, painters, mechanics, maids, Safaikaramcharies, security guards and all such helps/working level persons.


1. There has never been any effort to remove the existing posters/banners.

2. If all the citizens remove posters in their area as a SHRAM DAAN, the city shall get cleaned automatically. My wife and I have removed over 10,000 posters since August 2009 and are still continuing.


1. Almost all of Delhi is covered by the private security guards either by RWAs, MTAs, or owners. If these security guards are motivated towards this activity, this will ensure that no new posters/banners are put up.
2. Most of the Mobile phones have a camera. Citizens should take a photo of the NEW poster and send it to the DCP of the area, with a copy to me for follow up. Email IDs of DCPs are available on police web site


Lt Governor of Delhi said “Govt cannot keep the city clean without the help of the citizens “

Similar Prevention of Defacement of Property Acts are in force in each state and citizens should make use of them.

Project – Safe & Secure

CCI Project – Safe & Secure Vasant Kunj takes off with a big bang.

This project started off on a very positive note. For the first time in its history, B8 & B9 combined their security. Plus both the pockets of Vasant Kunj decided not to take annual charges from the maids, drivers etc. as was being done over the years.

Taking on the task of Phase – I of the Safe & Secure project, B8 & B9 set up a joint Police Verification camp for maids drivers etc. All the expenses of the camp were borne by the RWAs.

The success of the Camp can be gauged by the fact that 418 forms were filled from the people working in 460 flats of B8 & B9 combined.

DLF Promenade – Delhi Night Out

14th to 16th July: Get ready to experience the best of live music, street food and shopping under the stars. Coming straight from The Dewarists and Coke Studio to DLF PROMENADE, Hari & Sukhmani bring you Punjabi folk fused with electronica that makes for some otherworldly music.

Hari Sukhmani Live – 15th July 7 pm

Grove to the beats 7 pm Onwards

  • Bhor – 14th July
  • Fitoor – 16th July




VK CRIME ALERT: The Police needs your help to keep you safe and catch these criminals.

The Vasant Kunj Police has given us CCTV screen grabs of a gang of women who have done several thefts in Vasant Kunj in the last 1 year. Luckily a CCTV in Sector D, Pocket 6, captured two women of this gang while they were in the pocket. They have already done thefts worth over 80 Lacs in cash and jewellery.

As you can see from the screen grabs one of the woman is about 35-40 years of age and the other one is about 16-18 years old. Their modus operandi is they approach a house in the day time saying that they were informed by a guard/mali/worker that you are looking for a maid. Pointing at the younger woman the older one says that this is her daughter who has just come from the village and is looking for a job as a maid. They entice you by saying that they are willing to work for very less money. Then they will request you to take an interview of the younger one and even offer that the younger one can do the brooming/dusting/utensils now so that you can check her quality of work. Once you take the younger one to check out her work the older one in less than 10 minutes opens the cupboards / draws etc. and steals whatever she can. Once the older one is done, she will tell you that she got a call and needs to step out for a while. She will tell you that whenever the younger one is done you can let her go and that she herself will come in the evening to work out the money with you.

Please be alert if you see these women call the Police on 100 or Shri. Ved Prakash (Inspector) 8750870892 immediately. Please keep a safe distance from these people as they can be very dangerous if confronted.

Thank you for your help.

MCD – Property Tax Camp

10-06-2017: For the convenience of residents MCD Property Tax Camps for collection of Property Tax are being organised today at:

Sector A, Pocket C.

Venue: RWA Office

Time : 10:00 am to 2 pm

Contact: RWA Office Numbers

Sector C, Pocket 8.

Venue: Community Centre

Time : 10:00 am to 3 pm

Contact: RWA Office Numbers


The Cheque/Demand Draft/Pay Order of property tax should be in favour of “Commissioner, South Delhi Municipal Corporation”