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The very essence of an RWA, beautifully said ..

Dear all, RWAs is a voluntary job requiring vision and mission philosophy and ideology to match any corporate, education or Govt set ups! Big minus is all the financial human resource support which the latter have and RWAs do not! So much so that even the residents for whom some people are stretching their mental emotional and physical energies to the farthest limits are indifferent to say the least! We have to plead and beg them to respond to measures taken for their safety and security repeatedly! social working which makes one glow and grow, for the sheer joy of creating, constructing and developing, so passionately and selflessly is being lost! Though all Sewa seeks no reward or returns, but it does seek cooperation and support to succeed in its mission! It is time the entire RWA concept needs reinvention! Why and how of it needs deliberations! Let all thinking volunteers meet and deliberate! Regards -

President - Madhu Suri

Mrs. Madhu Suri
Ex. President Sector B, Pocket 8.