Sector C, Pocket 8, Vasant Kunj, New Delhi.

18-06-2017: HEADLINE: Silent Protest by Senior Citizens – Demanding a timely Free and Fair Elections of the RWA Members.

Today the Senior Citizens did a silent and peaceful protest in Sector C, Pocket 8 of Vasant Kunj. They are demanding a timely Free and Fair Elections of the RWA Members. This is against a reported backdrop of the President of the RWA not holding timely elections as per the Bye-Laws of the RWA.

11-06-2017: HEADLINE: Residents of C8 Revolt against their RWA and stood united to resume the distribution of Informer & Shopper to all the residents of their pocket.

The “Interim Team” was led by the President Mrs. Kiran Sawhney and the Secretary Mrs. Lata Lochav.

Mr. Yogesh Malhotra the Police Mitra for Vasant Kunj who is also a senior member of JAF Vasant Kunj was present to ensure that harmony and peace is maintained between the Residents and the RWA. His presence and efforts were highly appreciated by everyone present.

Message received by JAF from

Vasant Kunj Informer & Shopper

after the successful resumption of the distributions to all the residents of C8.

“Dear C 8 resident,
Greetings !

VKI&S Yellow Pages was delivered to your doorstep, which was your demand, communicated to us through the Interim Committee of your RWA. It was done with prior approval of the interim committee.

Thanks to you all in the Interim Committee, the entire JAF team, the Police Mitra Mr. Yogesh Malhotra and all those of you who, alongwith the dozens of residents, stood in support throughout the unhindered distribution.

We would like to share with you that during hearings of our writ petition, the honourable Judge of the Delhi High Court has seriously noted that mutual reconciliation may be looked into. Residents’ support is making it happen.

Neeraj, Chitra
Staff & All the advertisers of VKI&S”

21-05-2017: HEADLINE: In GBM RWA says “We are RWA, Choron ko pakadna hamara kaam nahi hai.”

As per the circular distributed by the RWA, the RWA invited the residents for a GBM. The agenda as stated in the circular was:

  1. Secretary Report Read Out
  2. Audited Financial Statements will be circulated
  3. Any other agenda by the permission of the chair

According to one of the residents Mrs. Kiran Sawhney who was present for the meeting. The GBM began late despite good number of residents present as the President, Mrs. Savita Soni was waiting for her supporters to join in.

The RWA President, Mrs. Savita Soni, started the meeting by asking members who have not paid subscription, to leave the meeting. There was a big uproar on her announcement. It was brought to her notice that her statement was incorrect as the definition of “member who can take part in the General Body Meeting and vote” is “resident of C 8” as per the bye law 6.

In the interim, a resident, a renowned  professional Advocate Mrs. Lata Lochav requested for the mike to discuss a few things. However, President Mrs. Savita Soni turned down her request on the ground that Mrs. Lochav is not a member of RWA, (putting up a false allegation), hence she has no right to say anything.

This happened despite many residents who were in favour of discussion. The president insisted on beginning the meeting on agendas mentioned in the circular. The meeting commenced with the Secretary, Mona Sharma, claiming that no theft has taken place in the colony in past 2 years, as they have installed many cameras & electronic locks at the gates. Claim put down by residents who said there has been thefts of car head lights and batteries. She was mocked upon by the Secretary with sarcasm saying, “We are RWA, Choron ko pakadna hamara kaam nahi hai.”

They announced that since Ms. Poornima Mishra has resigned, the RWA has inducted Ms. Himangi Bhatnagar in her place to which residents booed to show their resentment. Next the Balance Sheet was distributed. On being asked about the auditor report, about 4-5 people were handed over a paper and the President declared it as “passed” despite vehement protests by majority of residents. In the pandemonium that ensued, Lata Lochav took the mike to announce that election be held forth since no discussion was held on continuity of another term of the present team and 2 years term was suo-moto decision of the present team. Therefore, her tenure is nullified. However, the President Mrs. Savita Soni and her team walked out before this.

Residents sitting in the hall felt insulted. Their signatures were collected who asked for immediate announcement of election as per C-8 bye laws which mentions election to be held every year.

After speaking with a few more residents present in the meeting the JAF Team has tried to piece together the sequence of event of the GBM as follows:

There was a lot of excitement in the members for the GBM. By 10 am, the hall was already full with many members standing on the sides.

  1. The RWA President, Mrs. Savita Soni, started the meeting by asking members who have not paid subscription, to leave the meeting. There was a big uproar on her announcement. It was brought to her notice that her statement was incorrect as the definition of “member who can take part in the General Body Meeting and vote” is “resident of C 8” as per the bye law 6.
    1. Ms. Lata Lochav (8659) insisted that Mrs. Savita Soni give in writing that she was not a member. Mr. Bhatia (8339) took up the matter of earlier GBM, when on this argument he was forced to leave the meeting.
    2. Mrs. Savita Soni responded by saying that she was just following a practice she was told about and she was not aware of the written bye laws.
    3. Most members found this statement surprising coming from Mrs. Savita Soni who has been the President of the C 8 RWA for 3 terms.

All members present therefore remained in their seats.

  1. Many members complained of the poor arrangement. The notice of meeting was not received or was received late. The information regarding venue was missing in the notice.
  2. The Secretary started reading the report and the annual accounts were circulated. The Secretary’s report defined the status of the projects taken up/completed during the year.
    1. The open Gym added in the park.
    2. The new slides added in the children’s park.
    3. The members pointed out that this was done by MCD/Horticulture department of the Delhi Government at their expense.
    4. The board accepted this but argued that board requires credit for the follow up activity with government agencies.
  1. Security: This was an important part of the agenda for the board.
    1. The new wall being constructed on main road.
    2. CCTV added during 2015-16: INR 1,11,000
    3. Electric Boom Barriers added during 2015-16: INR 2,91,813
    4. Gates with electric locks.
    5. Consequent to this there was no robbery incident noted during the whole year.
    6. The members commented that the wall was being constructed by the Delhi government.
    7. Members showed photographs of guards sleeping on duty and commented that the position of crime was due to luck of the members and not only because of actions taken.
    8. Electric boom barriers were not functional.
    9. Also, for such expenses no budget approval was taken from the GBM in line with the bye laws 13(b).
    10. The secretary accepted that no clearance was taken at GBM because the proposal would not have been cleared and board went ahead on its own.

The balance part of the secretary’s report was lost in the commotion following this message from the secretary.

  1. The balance sheet and accounts report was put to vote.
    1. This was rejected by voice vote because of following grave irregularities:
    2. The 4 page annual accounts was distributed as 3 page report.
    3. The auditor was not appointed by the general body (bye law 54) and as such the report has no meaning.
    4. No follow up report of actions taken on auditor’s comments for report for 2015-16 were placed before the members.

  1. The board proposed the name of Ms. H Bhatnagar for the vacancy created by the resignation of Ms. P. Mishra.
    1. Members rejected this proposal as this issue was not part of the meeting agenda. (bye law 17 and 25)
    2. Members brought up the illegal extension of the board’s term for 2 years contravening the bye law 23.

Facing severe criticism from the members for wilfully flouting bye laws of the association and operating on ad hoc basis, the board members walked out of the meeting.

14-05-2017: HEADLINE: JAF has proof that Mrs. Savita Soni has refused to accept the residents NOTICE, that was sent to her by Speedpost (Speedpost Consignment Number: ED982609532IN & ED982609546IN). Howsoever Mrs. Ruchi Chauhan the Treasurer has accepted the NOTICE as per the Speedpost report available online (Speedpost Consignment Number: ED982609529IN).

11-05-2017: HEADLINE: 151 Residents of C8 Vasant Kunj are demanding transparency from their RWA. Notice served.

As per the documents available with JAF, 151 Residents of Sector C, Pocket 8 have come together to seek transparency from the President of their RWA Mrs. Savita Soni. In spite of several emails, letters and registered letters sent to the President in the last one year the RWA has not replied to a single one. When JAF contact the president Mrs. Savita Soni wanting to know her version of the story, she evaded JAF and has not got back in spite of several whatsapp messages to her mobile number.

JAF met and spoke with the protesting residents who alleged that the President of the RWA is not disclosing the financials and other documents of the RWA because the President is trying to cover up irregularities. According to them the RWA has not even given them the minutes of the GBM and AGM of the last two years.

Today the residents issued a NOTICE and went and posted it on the notice board of the RWA and also pasted it outside the main door of the RWA. As per the notice, the residents are demanding access to the Books of Accounts for the year 2015-2016 and 2016-2017:

  1. All payment vouchers
  2. Cashbook register
  3. Monthly trial balance
  4. All payments made above Rs. 500/-
  5. Money Receipts
  6. Stock/Asset Registers
  7. Bank Statements
  8. Number of paying members
  9. Number of non-paying members
  10. Balance Sheet
  11. Minutes of all Board Meetings
  12. Minutes of GBM and AGM

The residents have also clearly stated that the RWA must respond within one week from today.

Upon further investigation into the matter, JAF found that the demands of the residents are valid as per Clause 52(C) & (D) and Clause 53 of the “Rules and Regulations of Vasant Kunj (C-8) Residents Welfare Association.

Everyone is eager that the RWA will look into the matter and respond in time to the satisfaction of its residents.

High handedness by the President of C8 Vasant Kunj, Mrs. Savita Soni. Residents protest Police called. JAF sent a whatsapp message to the President Mrs. Savita Soni “JAF has received another complaint from residents regarding some gates that have been locked by the RWA on your instructions, resulting in a lot of inconvenience to the residents especially the senior citizens. Please clarify your stand on this issue latest by 10 pm today. Else we will assume that the gates were closed by you without assigning any reason or justification. Thanks.” As usual she did not bother to reply even after 24 hrs. had past. This has been her pattern for the time she was elected as the president.