JAF – Vasant Kunj – Issues Wishlist

Issues being currently addressed by JAF – Vasant Kunj:

  1. BSES
    1. Reactivation/Installation of staircase lights and its electricity meters in Vasant Kunj DDA Flats.
    2. Speedup information to reach the residents at the time of power failures.
  2. Government of NCT of Delhi 
    1. Vasant Kunj Club
    2. Vasant Kunj Cultural Center
  3. MCD
    1. Replacement of all damaged manhole covers and covering the uncovered ones.
    2. Replacement of all street light poles that have fallen down or have gone missing.
    3. Installation of street light fixtures that have gone missing.
    4. Repair of all damaged footpaths.
    5. Removal of all portable dustbins from sector roads and internal roads. These bins attract stray animals that lead to accidents.
    6. Planting trees at all the entry and exit points of the Cycle Tracks so that people are unable to block the same by parking their vehicles.
    7. Providing proper drainage of water from private water tanks installed on the ground floors. Incase they overflow.
    8. Relocation of private water tanks on the ground floor that block common passages.
    9. Demolition of all construction that has been done on common land or that obscures common passages.
  4. Police – See Facebook Page
    1. Verification of Guards, Maids, Drivers, Car Cleaners and other service providers.
    2. Verification of Tenants.
    3. Security audits of areas inside Sector/Pocket walls/area.
    4. Formulating a live communication system between the Local Police Station and the RWAs.
    5. Private guards training.
    6. Day & Night Patrolling.
    7. Night barricades and checking.
  5. RWAs
    1. Assisting RWAs to draft their access policy and process for vendors & service providers, which should be made available in public domain.
    2. Coordinating with the local police to conduct periodic security audits for each RWA.
    3. Help RWAs to create a digital repository of important documents directly related to their RWA.
    4. Put in place an internal “Panic Button” system that is also connected externally, specially for the Senior Citizens.
  6. Thefts and Robberies – See Facebook Page
    1. Domestic & Automobile Thefts – Prevention and Reporting
    2. Regulated access through all entry points of pockets
  7. Traffic & Road Safety – See Facebook Page
    1. Activating Traffic Wardens
    2. Installation of Caution/Traffic Lights at entry/exit points of every main gate of the pockets.
    3. Installation and effective maintenance of Speed Breakers at the identified locations conforming to the approved specifications.
    4. Removal of all illegal speed breakers.
    5. Congestion on the Sector B road in front of G. D. Goenka School and in front of Central Market, Vasant Kunj and other identified areas and routes.
    6. Illegal encroachment on Footpaths, Cycle Tracks, Public Areas and Roads.
    7. Aruna Asaf Ali Road Dark Spots.
    8. Chattarpur Mahipalpur Road bottleneck near Chattarpur Metro Station.
    9. Making a footpath from Sector D, Pocket 1 till the Chattarpur Metro Station.
    10. Central Market zebra crossing and pedestrian crossing traffic lights.
  8. Transport – Public
    1. DTC
      1. Bus Boxes to be marked in front of all Bus Stands so that no one parks in that space. Senior citizens are greatly inconvenienced because of this.
      2. Digital Display boards for bus timings and “Next Arrivals”
      3. Bus routes and timetable availability
    2. Metro
      1. Improving the quality of small feeder buses and frequency.
      2. Developing a public complaint management system for the “private” feeder buses.
    3. Gramin Seva
      1. Regulation of vehicles and maintenance levels. (in their present condition if you hit one, you will instantly die of tetanus)
  9. Water
    1. Getting the DJB water pipeline permanently connected to Sector E, Pocket 2.
    2. Monthly/Quarterly analysis and sharing of data to identify perennial water supply issues across Vasant Kunj and permanently resolving them.

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