Sector B, Pocket 8, Vasant Kunj, New Delhi.

04-06-2017: JAF Reporting from B8 Vasant Kunj: In GBM decision taken to file FIR against Ex-President Mrs. Jyoti Chanana and the Ex-Treasurer Ms. Vichitra Gupta.

Today morning was the day when the GBM was called to know the fact found by the audit committee regarding the financial irregularities done by the Ex-President Mrs. Jyoti Chanana and the Ex-Treasurer Ms. Vichitra Gupta. Other points on the agenda were:

  1. Legal Notice served by the Ex-Treasurer Ms. Vichitra Gupta
  2. Police Complaint filed by the Ex-Treasurer Ms. Vichitra Gupta
  3. Finding a solution for retrieval of the public money that has been misappropriated.
  4. Election for the President and the Treasurer.

The meeting started with Mrs. Yovita the secretary of the RWA addressing the residents and reading out the agenda of the GBM.

Mr. Girish Bhatnagar the acting President till the 4th of June, 2017, addressed the residents and pointed out that the audit could not be conducted hence 30 precious days have been wasted in the process. The reason given by the audit committee was that they cannot do the audit because the Ex-President Mrs. Jyoti Chanana and the Ex-Treasurer Ms. Vichitra Gupta have refused to sign the very documents they have themselves handed over to the audit committee.

It was pointed out by Mr. Girish Bhatnagar that the CA Mr. Sudhir Jha was somehow able to do the official audit for the year 2016-2017 without any cash book or any other books of account. Mr. Bhatnagar also highlighted the absence of the Ex-Treasurer Ms. Vichitra Gupta in the meeting. On the instance of the house a messenger was sent to the house of the Ex-Treasurer Ms. Vichitra Gupta but she did not present herself or take the calls from the mobiles of the executive members. On this a few members in the house said that the Ex-Treasurer Ms. Vichitra Gupta will not want to attend for obvious reasons i.e. she is guilty. Thereafter Mr. Sunil Sareen who is in a manner the founder member of forming the RWA and getting it registered with the various government departments took over to explain the finding of the financial irregularities. He being a CA for the last 40 years was in a position to best explain the findings and elaborating on them to the congregation. One after the other major misappropriations and anomalies in the RWA funds were disclosed.

Mr. Sunil Sareen highlighted the facts after which it was clear that the official audit done by the CA Mr. Sudhir Jha was a “Fake Audit”. He also asked the house whether a complaint should be logged against the CA Mr. Sudhir Jha. He went on the state a fascinating fact, according to the audit report on a 1 year FD of Rs. 1,36,000/- the RWA got an interest of Rs. 45,000/- i.e. @ about 30% rate of interest. Among many other such observations there was the issue of Rs. 22,000/- that was received from the Parks and Gardens Society which was not reflected anywhere in the balance sheet. The issue of Cash In Hand was a eye-opener for everyone present. According to the bye laws the treasurer is allowed to have no more than Rs. 10,000/- cash in hand, according to the findings at one point of time the total cash in hand stood at Rs. 2,65,690/-.

Mr. Girish Bhatnagar interrupted to state that when he came back from the US in September he started getting complaints from the guards that they are not getting their salaries on time. Mr. Sunil Sareen added that when the guards did get their salaries they got them in instalments. This raised many eyebrows because at that point of time the Ex-Treasurer Ms. Vichitra Gupta had a cash in hand of over 2.5 Lacs. The resident were unanimous in their views that the Ex-Treasurer Ms. Vichitra Gupta could not have manipulated such huge amounts of cash without the connivance of the Ex-President Mrs. Jyoti Chanana as all the cheques were signed by both of them.

To this the Ex-President Mrs. Jyoti Chanana said that she signed the cheques only because Mrs. Madhu Mitra the other signatory had refused to sign the cheques. When asked if she as a President brought this to the notice of the executive committee she said “No I did not”.

A major issue was raised regarding the duplicate receipt book being maintained by the Ex-Treasurer Ms. Vichitra Gupta to embezzle cash from the cash transactions. Many of the residents have paid their subscription in cash and have not been issued any receipt at all, further more these residents till date are termed as defaulters. Mr. Sunil Sareen asserted that he is one such resident. He through his son had handed over the subscription amount in cash to the Ex-President Mrs. Jyoti Chanana at her house and has yet to get a receipt and is listed in the defaulters list. Such transactions amount to about Rs. 1,00,000/- that have been misappropriated in this manner alone. It was noted by the audit committee that the signatures of the guards have been forged, as a matter of fact after the salary sheets were handed over to the audit committee signature of a guard Bishan Pal who is not in Delhi was filled in. This raised a question of who in the audit committee had forged an alliance with the Ex-President Mrs. Jyoti Chanana and the Ex-Treasurer Ms. Vichitra Gupta and tried to cover-up the anomalies.

Mr. Girish Bhatnagar also informed the house about the Legal Notice and Police complaint filed by the Ex-Treasurer Ms. Vichitra Gupta against the entire Executive Body and went on to explain the contents of the Notice and Police Complaint.

After listening to all the points it was resolved by the house that a FIR should be filed against the Ex-President Mrs. Jyoti Chanana and the Ex-Treasurer Ms. Vichitra Gupta and the money should be recovered from them after adding a Penalty and Interest @12-18% to the estimated amount that has been misappropriated.

Mrs. Poonam Dikshit the Executive Member informed the house that the tenure of the Executive Committee has ended and that the house has the right to elect a new President and Treasurer along with a new executive committee by evoking Clause No. 12 of the Bye Laws simply by raising their hand in favour of the names proposed. This was accepted by the house Mr. Jagmohan proposed the name of Mr. Vijay Sagar and Mr. Vijay Sagar was unanimously elected as the New President of Sector B, Pocket 8.

Mrs. Yovita read out the minutes of the meeting thus concluding the GBM.

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Active Pursuants: The JAF Team, Mr. Vijay Sagar – Whistle Blower, Mr. Girish Bhatnagar – Vice President, Mr. K. G. Maheshwari (Resident, CA and Former Treasurer), Mr. M. C. Bhatia (Resident and Former President), Mr. S. S. Aggarwal (Resident and CA), Mr. S. G. Raman (Resident and CA), Mr. Ashok Verma (Resident and Current Executive Member) and Ms. Yovita Mahububani – Joint Secretary.